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Some Most have software / Installing software after formatting your computer

Now that you have formatted your computer, you need to install some software so that you can enjoy with your computer again. If you have formatted your computer for the first time then you need to read this article to get an idea on the software you may need to install on your computer. Remember you must install the drivers of your hardware in order to complete the formatting process described in the previous article.Now here i will name some software along with their purposes. A normal computer may need these software:

1.Antivirus / Internet Security : This is the most important software you need to install in a computer.As the name suggest it detects viruses, malwares and other harmful software that may affect your computer.There are number of antivirus software out there. Bit defender  is the best one according to the latest poll. You can install any good antivirus program you feel like(if your computer's configuration meets the minimum requirements of the software). But Remember to install an USB Disk Security software as well, this one will help to reduce viruses and malwares in offline computer via USB drives. And Yeah you need to update the antivirus program regularly.

2.Multimedia : This includes mostly the software for entertainment purposes:

i) Cyberlink Power DVD : This software plays the movies,videos,DVDs etc.There are other software as well but i prefer this one as the latest version enables you to watch the normal movie into 3D.

ii) VLC Media Player /All Show Media Player : You can use either VLC or All Show as a media player.VLC crashes easily so All Show is better then VLC media player.And yeah you might need to install some codec as well if your media player could not play the file.

iii) Nero : Nero is an important software that needs to be installed compulsorily.This software helps to burn CD and DVDs so that you can make a movie or can back up your data.This software is a CD/DVD tools.

iv) Video Converter : Like the name suggest this software helps you to convert a file.If you need to watch a video on your mobile then you need this software to convert it. I use total video converter and Aiseesoft Total Media Converter.

v) Audio Enhancer : Like the name suggest this software will enhances the sound quality to its maximum. After installation of this software you will feel the difference in the sound quality. I use DFX Audio Enhancer.

3.System tools : These are the software that are like tools for the computer to perform better.

i) Unzipping Software : This software helps to unzip or open a zip file.It is a small software but is really important.I use Winrar / Winzip.

ii) Mounting Software : Now this software may sounds new for you.Well let me describe then,this software is used to mount an image file.An image file is the image of a DVD/CD.Sometimes some software are in the image file and you need to either burn the image file on a DVD/CD in order to install it or if you do not want to burn then this software will help you.What this software will do is, it creates a virtual DVD/CD drive in your computer so that when you mount the image file on this virtual drive you will be able to install it. I use daemon tools pro software as a mounting software.

iii)Network Protector : This software as mentioned in another article will help to secure your WLAN/WIFI/LAN service.This will auto lock the wireless connection whenever an intruder tries to connect to it. I use Cisco Network Magic Software.

iv) PC tools : These software will help you delete the unwanted history files,browser files,ROM files,registry files and will increase your system performance.Some of the example of such software are AVG PC Tools,Tune Up Utilities etc.

4. Internet tools : This software are needed in order to utilize your internet service properly.

i) Browser : There is a default browser in windows known as internet explorer.But due to its slow browsing and slow performance people often use other third party browsers like Firefox,Google Chrome,Opera etc.But remember Internet Explorer do have a poor performance but when it comes to security it is better then other third party browser software.

ii) Adobe Flash Player : This software is needed to play videos online.It's light, free and easy to install software and is really important.You might need to install Java software package as well.

iii) Internet Download Manger : As the name suggest,this software will manage the downloading files.It's superior then the inbuilt download manager of the browser because it speeds up the downloading process and also has many options.This software will divide your file while downloading and then reunites it later on when finished downloading.This will help to increase the download speed and hence reduces time.

iv) Messenger : If you need to chat a lot then you need to install the messenger software.Yahoo messenger,facebook messenger,windows live messenger,skype etc.You can also install an additional web cam software if you want cool effect and functions while video chatting. An example of such software is Cyber link Power Webcam.

5. Others : These software differs with the person's work on a computer.

i)Designing software : These software are used for graphic designing,web designing and other designing purposes.If you have/need to design anything in your computer then you need to install these software.Some example of these software are Adobe Photoshop, Photo shine, Autodesk Softimage, Corel Draw Graphic Suite etc.I recommend you install Adobe Master Collection as this package of software has all the necessary software to design.

ii)Video Editing tools : These are the software that is used to edit a video.If you have to make your marriage CD/DVD or something that you want to keep as a memory then you need to first edit those videos as they may contain unnecessary clips.You might want to add effects,transitions or text.....for that you need to install these software.Some examples of such software are Cyberlink power director,Corel Video Studio,Adobe primere, Sony Vegas Pro etc.The previously installed Nero can also edit the video but these are advanced software for video editing and multiplexing purposes only.

iii)Office tools : If you need to perform office works in your computer then you need to install the office tools software.These software helps to create document,resumes and other office related files.Some of the examples of such software are Microsoft Office Package,Ashampoo office,typing master etc.You may need to add some fonts as well in order to type in your own language. And you might need to install an offline dictionay as well.

   Remember these are just some common software that you may need to install on your computer.The use of software differs from users to users according to their works/tasks and their knowledge on this field. During installation of a software, you may need to install additional windows operating system software like framework. If you got any problems anywhere or have no idea which software is better for your particular task then feel free to ask me, i am always here to help you 247  ^_^

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