Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Bringing Back Your Dead Nokia Phone To Life / Flashing / Dead Flashing / Refurbishing Of A Nokia Phone

So guys do you have any nokia phone that is dead? I mean if you have a nokia phone that wouldn't start and just shows the logo or just lights up when you press the power key then you might be able to fix it.Also if you want to  change the whole firmware and copy a new/fresh one then here i will teach you how.This can also fix the software problems you have with your nokia phone like Bluetooth not working,Slow browsing,Error messages,etc.But remember this will only fix the firmware/software problems not the hardware problems.And yeah it is the same process the mobile technician do and charge you money.But here i will teach you the whole process step by step and yeah it's totally free of cost.
The process is called Flashing/Dead Flashing/Refurbishing.For this you won't need any additional harware.You will just need these.

I. Flashing Software like Phoenix,Universal Box(It's a software as well),Navifirm(Firmware download only)
You can download any of these software and install them on your computer.I recommend you use Phoenix.

II. Obviously your Nokia phone and it's Data Cable to connect it to PC.

III. A Computer or laptop with internet connection.
      That's all you need.Now the process for the Flashing are as follows:

1.Install the flashing software.I recommend you use Phoenix.Navifirm is just for downloading the firmware version.You don't need to install it if you have install the Phoenix software.But if you want to download all the firmware version of your nokia phone that has been released then you will need Navifirm.Unlike Phoenix, Navifirm can download the previous firmware versions as well.After installation restart the PC.For Vista and Windows 7 users set the program to run in compatibility with windows xp service pack 2 and as administrator.You can do it by right clicking the phoenix icon then go to properties then to compatibility.

2.Now open Phoenix from the desktop and go to tools then to "data package download".Remember there should be "No connection" in the connection options,if not then click and change it but by default it will be in "No Connection".Now when you click the "data package download" it will ask you to enter the 7 digit product code.For the 7 digit code remove the battery from the mobile then look at the label.There should be code like 05XXXXX.Enter that 7 digit code to the box and press the check "availability button" below the window.After some loading you will see the version of the software/firmware available for your nokia phone(Normally it will be the latest software/firmware available for your phone).Change the path to phoenix folder then press the download button then wait until the download is completed.After completion of the download,close the window and exit Phoenix as well.If it is unable to download the software package or if you get errors while downloading the package then try searching google writing "Phoenix Nokia Your Phone Model Data package".

3.Now open Phoenix from the desktop then go to file in the tab bar and select open product.Now in the "Type Filter Box" type the RM-number of your device which is also located at the back after you remove the battery.And select it from the list.After the loading is done press the flashing button in the tab bar and select "Firmware Update." Now under the product code option select drowse icon then select the RM-Number file.Chech the box for "Dead Phone USB Flashing".Now Press  "Refurbish" and wait for the program to load.

4.Now put back the battery in your phone and connect it with the PC via the USB data cable and press the power button "ONCE".You will hear a sound on your computer which indicates that your phone is plugged in.You have to be real fast in pressing the button because you will have about 3-5 seconds before it goes dead again.If you did not press the button at the right time then you will get an error message saying "Flashing was failed".If this happens then i recommend you cancel the flashing process then go to "refurbish", instead of pressing "Retry".Try again and again until you get it right.When the programming message reaches 100% then your phone is sure to work again.Close phoenix and unplug the phone and see the results.
             The process is same for a working nokia phone.
If you got any problems anywhere then feel free to ask...I will always be here to help 247.


  1. My phone is not starting. Not even the white screen. Its just lifeless. I have tried Phoenix, but it is unable to start the phone in Flash mode. Can you help?

  2. Does it show any signs of powering up like vibration or something? Is your battery alright? If it is not the problem with hardware then phoenix or universal box might help you fix it.....Can you give me more info about your phone like its model number and stuff...^_^

  3. i killed my mobile by flashing with downgraded virsion of firmware :(, now i cannot able to flash my mobile, when i try to switch it on only i can see a blank screen.. help me mate..

    1. hmm. To downgrade the firmware you need additional hardware so it is not recommended to downgrade your phone through flashing.

      well since you tried it (good to know that there are people reading my blog who likes to try new things like me ^_^ ). Try these steps to check whether your phone is still alive or not.

      1. Check for the vibration when you press the power on key.

      2. Connect your phone to your computer via its data cable. Turn on your speaker of your computer. Now power on your phone. Do you listen any sound showing that the phone is connected to the computer?

      If these two steps give you positive results then you can try the dead flashing procedure up in the article. you can also use "universal box" if phoenix did not give you results.

      However if you did not see any results from the steps then you need to consult nearest mobile repair shop. They have additional hardware to fix the phone.

  4. can you give me plz the link of Universal Box to dawnload i have a nokia 5300 dead phone i have tried phoniex but with no resultat

    1. Go to google and then search for "Universal Box", the first result is its official page. :)

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  7. when i connect my C5-03 within the battery in PC via usb then i hear the sound that my phone is connected with the PC then I've to wait until it's dead and turn on or what ?