Thursday, March 15, 2012

Easiest Way To Get Traffic To Your Web Site/Basic Web Promotion

In this article i will teach you about how to get more traffic on your site.Remember  these are “unstable” means of getting traffic.If you want some serious traffic, go for Search Engine Marketing and other practices. I am also on e-commerce field though i am a newbie in this field,i do have some techniques for a web promotion.

For your information ,Stumbleupon and DIGG are social bookmarking websites which are useful to catch upon some new websites and other things in whichever category you want.They can be, if properly used, a very potent weapon for getting a good amount of traffic for your website.

Having said that,I would like to add that if your content is not at par, the traffic from these sites is unstable and they will usually run away as soon as they come.If you want to check your stats, Google Analytics is the way.Check the bounce rate there.

Anyways,coming back to the point , if you want some good and heavy traffic then you can use the services of these kind of social bookmarking sites. For an example, If your website gets to the front page of digg for 10 minutes, you are likely to get 10,000 page views . But well, there is a problem.There would be many sites on the front page(if not all) ..So what would make your web page or story stand out?Why will people see your webpage? Why will they even bother to click on that ? The fact is that they wont do that themselves.You will compel them to do that.Follow these tips which I think should help you :)

1) Make sure you write a good title , a good description to make, in fact compel, people to come and see your webpage.

2) When visitors come,dont disappoint them.Have some good content and information so that they consider your site worth visiting. Never break your words.

3) If powerful DIGG users like Kevin Rose DIGG you , then you are very likely to get many many more diggs in the next few seconds. Try that way :)

4) If you have some CMS like a blog or something, there are some mods available for DIGG , Stumble, Technorati and similar kind of buttons.They are very likely to help you.Get them!

5) There is one thing that is often overlooked and that is the time of submission.You should submit your story or webpage at that time when most of your friends are online so that they can DIGG or stumble for you.It is useless to submit when you know that it is going to be buried sooner than later.

6)You can also submit your website on some web submitting sites that will ping your website and will later on help to increase the traffic.Below here are some of those sites and yeah they are absolutely free.The first one will ping your website in like 2500 above.The other two are also useful sites for web submission but will submit less.


Free Web Submission

At last, I would again repeat, these are “unstable” means of getting traffic.If you want some serious traffic, go for Search Engine Marketing and other practices.I will also explain about SEO and other web promotion tools in other articles.Wait until then ^_^

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