Friday, December 23, 2011

Let's make your old and slow nokia phone new and fast again!!!!

Are you fed up with your nokia phone due to its slow browsing,slow running applications,system error displays and even slow start up.Well this kinda problem happens when you are using the same phone from like 2-3 years.It also happens when you install then uninstall many applications.The viruses and spywares also result in slow process.Do you want to get rid of these problems? As many of you people may not have enough money to buy brand new sets regularly.Well then here are some useful tips to make your old and slow phone brand new again.

First you need to either Reset or Format your device.But I recommend to do the deep format.


1.Soft Reset:

             (i)Press *#7380# in the stand by mode.Click yes and if pin/security code is asked then press "12345"(default)

             (ii)When the format screen appears leave the button.
2.Hard Reset:(May erase all your data)

            (i)Press *#7370# in the stand by mode.Click yes and if pin/security code is asked then press "12345"(default)

            (ii)When the format screen appears leave the button.

1.Normal Format:

            (i)The same process as above in the soft reset but press *#7780#
2.Deep Format:

            (i)The same process as above in  the hard reset but press *#7370#
If Neither Resetting nor Formatting worked then,try the below process.(Will erase all the data)Recommended

1.Full charge the battery.

2.Switch off the mobile.

3.Remove the sim card and back up important data of your memory card but do not remove the memory card as it may contain the system files or viruses.

4.Now press the green talk button,number 3,* button and the power button all at one time until the format screen appears.If the pin/security code is asked then press 12345(default)

5.In some cases you may not see the format screen and the device may only restart but don't worry your work is done.

          Now your device's software is fresh and new just like the time you bought it.Next step is to go to the official nokia website and download the nokia PC suite and the nokia updater software and install them onto your computer or labtop
           After installation search for your model on the web page then try to find the latest software version available for your phone.To check your device's software version press *#0000# in the stand by mode or *#9999# if *#0000# does not work.Compare the version if the updates are new then update your nokia using the PC suite and the updater you installed earlier.You may need to give your device IMEI number to check for the updates which will be on the back when you remove your battery.

           And that's it, all the problems you were facing earlier is gone now.Finally try to change those scratch housing.Always use original housing.

            Now no one, even you will notice that it is the same old  phone you wish to throw away. Enjoy your Nokia again.

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