Wednesday, May 9, 2012

How to recover deleted data / Get back the lost data

Sometimes we accidentally delete some important file, this happens many times if you are not concentrated in your work. But do not worry, you can recover those deleted files. Any type of files that are deleted from your hard disk or pen drives can be recovered easily with the help of some data recovery software. And those software works on both FAT file system or NTFS file system.

  Even though you have deleted your files, the information of those files are stored in the memory of the disk. These software read those information and will recover the deleted files. But remember these information remains on your disk until another data over writes it, so you need to work quicker. If it gets overwritten then you will still be able to recover the file but it's not guaranteed. So if you mistakenly delete the files then you need to act fast.

These software can even recover the data from a formatted device. Any storage devices like pen drives, hard disk, external hard disk, memory cards etc can be used to recover the lost data. Example of these software are Steller Phoenix Windows data recovery, Data Rescue PC, R-studio, Power data recovery etc. But do check what type of file system is used in your storage device, it could either be FAT file system or NTFS file system.

   You can also recover your data from an unreadable DVD disk, the software is called CD Roller and is really great to recover data from CD/DVD devices. Steller Phoenix is a well known and best data recovery software according to the latest poll. Many of these recovery software have quick scan and deep scan to recover files. The quick scan is used to recover the recently deleted files while the deep scan is used to recover the old files and folders.

    That's it, if you have any problems regarding this topic then feel free to ask me. ^_^

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