Friday, May 4, 2012

How to maintain your data / Data Security

The data stored in our computer are really valuable to us. They are our work of day and night. If we lose even a small portion of those data then we might lose our jobs as well. So one should have a proper knowledge of maintaining the data in your computer. Every computer owner should have a proper knowledge on this matter because everyone of us have important data stored in our computer. So here in this article i will teach you about how to maintain your data and keep them safe.

  As most of us know that the main causes of data loss or corrupt is due to the malware and viruses so you must have a good antivirus program installed in your computer. You need to update your antivirus program regularly and scan your system regularly. If you somehow find a virus while scanning your computer then try to find the detailed information about the virus which will help you to locate its source and you will be able to know how your system get infected so that your computer will not get the same virus again. The detailed info about the virus can be found through your antivirus program. If you have installed a good antivirus program then you do not need to install other data security software because double installed of security software will decrease the system performance.

   The next thing you need to know is where to store your data and how to store them in your system. Always try to store your important data in a separate drive with different folders. I mean, you need to create a separate drive in your hard disk to store your important files and always create separate folders of those files. I recommend you save your important files in a zip format. You can create a zip file of your data using Winrar or Winzip software. This is because a zip file is less infected by the malware programs. If you create a separate drive then it is less likely to get infected because that drive will not be opened/access regularly.

  It is always good and a clever trick to back up your important data onto a DVD/CD. Your computer is just an electronic device, it can malfunction sometime due to power failure or high volatile or anything so it is always good to back up your important data into a DVD/CD. But remember, while burning the DVD/CD then you need to adjust the writing speed because must of the burning software like Nero has high speed like 20x as default but your DVD may not be able to write at that speed so do take notice of your DVD's speed and customize the writing speed of the software as needed.

 Never burn your data at the highest speed of your DVD's speed.If your DVD has 16x as the maximum speed then try to burn your data at low speed then 16x say 14x or 12x, this way you will not get any errors at future. This is an important tip so do not forget it.
Well this is it, if you got any problems or have any questions then you know it.....I am always here to help you 24/7....^_^

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