Friday, June 29, 2012

Let's update the firmware version of your hardware

The firmware is simply a package of software that is installed in many of the hardware components like DVD ROM, DVD writer, motherboard, modem router, graphic card, sound card, internal TV card, your gaming devices, mobile phones, PSP, digital camera, play station, xbox 360 etc which controls the hardware components. The firmware are like driver software of a hardware component. They are permanently installed on the hardware memory called flash memory or ROM or EPROM. Therefore they are not erased even the device is not powered on for a long time.

The update of your firmware version fixes bugs and improves the performance of your hardware to give better results. Now, to update the firmware version of your hardware component say DVD writer in your computer, first of all you need to visit its official site for information about the firmware version available. For that, you need to know the exact product number of the DVD writer.

To update the firmware version of any hardware component you need to know the product number or the product type of the hardware component. These information can be found on the manual books that came with the hardware. If you do not have the manual books then try to look for the information on the hardware itself. In many of the hardware, the product number or product type are written on the hardware.

Now to go to the official website of the hardware, type the product name of the hardware on any search engines like google, bing, yahoo etc  and search. Most of the time the first result in the first page will be the official site, the official site has the company/product name in its URL. Do not visit any other third party sites.

If you do not get any information on the product type then do not worry, this happens mainly on the internal hardware components like DVD writer, graphic cards, sound cards etc. You can visit the official site and get information about the product and firmware update from there. In some of the sites like the samsung DVD writer site, they provide a software that will give the detail information about the product. Search if they provide any of those software or not because you need the exact and correct information about the hardware to update its firmware version otherwise your hardware will not work and you will end up regretting.

You should check the current firmware version of your hardware and search for any update available or not, if you are going to update the firmware version of the modem or router then you will find the firmware version in its setup site i.e for most of the router. Now if everything i mentioned are ready and if an update is available then download the update. The process of updating the firmware version are given in the official site so you better read them properly.

In most cases, if the update file is an application file(happens when you are updating the firmware version of the DVD writer) then you need to just run the file, follow the onscreen commands and leave it until the update is complete but if the update file is a bin file(happens in modem or router firmware update) then you need to go the firmware update option of your hardware and open the file from there.

Remember updating the firmware version is recommended but if the official site do not provide any firmware update information or do not recommends to update the firmware version then you should never ever update the firmware version.

Well, that is all for the topic, if you have any questions or confusions on this matter then feel free to ask me, i am always here to help you 24/7 ^_^

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