Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Safe And Secure Web Browsing

Internet has been a part of our life now. We can not imagine life without internet. Many of us browse internet regularly for different purposes, some may browse to find solutions for their problem, some may browse for official works, some for entertainment purposes but many of us may not know how to browse the internet properly so that you will be safe along with your computer. Here in this article i will try to point out some important tips to safely and securely browse your internet.

  Internet can be both beneficial or harmful depending upon how you use the internet. We hear many cyber crimes stories every day, many people being deceived everyday. Not only that, your computer can be so badly infected with viruses that you may loss many important data, even your hardware may get damaged. That is why you need to have a good knowledge on how to securely browse the internet.

     First of all, you need to install a good and well known internet security program. I would recommend you to install an internet security program not antivirus program because internet security program is developed particularly for internet security purpose but the antivirus program is not. What a good internet security do is that it will scan the web page and collect the web page information before it is displayed in your browser for any malware programs that can affect your computer and when it is safe then only the web page will get displayed, where as, the antivirus program will only detect the malware programs after it is saved in your computer so it is recommended to install an internet security program.

It is even better if you use the total security program for example bit defender total security 2012, as this program has both antivirus and internet security services. And yeah it is not so clever to install both antivirus program and internet security program on a single computer because it will drastically slow down your computer.

      Always secure your network. I mean if you use different computer in a same network and share files with each other then the network should be properly managed and secured. If it is wireless network then use security password to lock the network with proper encryption method like WPA2, WEP etc and check whether some unknown device is connecting to your network or not. Because these intruders can easily obtain your browsing information.

Always visit trusted sites only, or the sites you have the information of being safe. Never visit sites that may pop out while visiting some pages. You can also be secure by doing some configuration on your browser(for configuration go to the settings or options of your browser)  like disabling the auto pop up feature because these pop ups may contain viruses or other malware programs.

I recommend you to disable the auto save password feature of your browser as well. Type the password every time you open the account, NEVER copy paste the password from any source or from anywhere, not even form an account to another account if the password are same. This will prevent your account from being hacked easily.

I also recommend you to clear your browsing history regularly. This will prevent the hackers to gain any information from you and also prevent the malware programs. This will also help to speed up your computer and browser as well.

Always browse internet from a trusted computer or trusted cyber cafe. It is not clever to use other's wireless network for browsing the internet, if you find such unlocked wireless network.

    Sometimes in your accounts like facebook, twitter,yahoo etc some unknown/bot messages may appear, never click those messages, you should report such messages instead of just deleting it.

Try not to open mails in the spam or trash folder unless you are sure that they are safe. Such emails are bound to hack your account and may contains viruses and other malware programs to damage your computer.

In case your forget your password then always contact the related site not other sites that says to recover your password. If you are unable to log into the account then do not panic, sometimes due to server issue the site may be down and it may not be able to open any accounts so you should wait for a while before you contact the site about the problem. It is always recommended to use an alternate account(two or more accounts) to recover your password in case you forget or lost your password.

    Never visit illegal sites and the sites that offer illegal services. These sites are full of malware programs.

The internet security program will scan the resulted searches from the search engines whenever you search for anything and will display green colored mark on every result that are safe to open and red colored to those that are not. Avoid those red colored searches.

In different chat room places, there are bots that act like a normal people. for example in yahoo messenger such bots may appear like a female/male chatting with you. You should report them and delete them immediately. You will find out they being bot or not by asking them some hard questions. I mean if it is a bot then it will be unable to reply. Also these bots share links without you asking.

 It is not good to share your personal picture to everybody in the social sites. Try to use the privacy options to remove the public sharing. Do not add unknown people or join unknown groups. If you find somebody doing some illegal things then inform the police, this will help reduce cyber crimes.

If your kids use the internet then they should be properly educated about the cyber crimes and it's prevention. You should lock/block the adult sites or other sites that are not good for your children. You can do this by customizing the internet security program and also your network. They are the most vulnerable so you should always keep an eye on them.

The parental control features on the internet security program will help you prevent your children from visiting the adult or unwanted sites. These software are called content control software which will enable you to choose the unwanted offensive websites on individuals computer or network. This software is great for working parents who have children surfing internet when they are not home.
    At last internet being a boon or curse depends upon how you use or utilize it. We should be aware every time we browse the internet. But remember if you can help somebody then always try to help them. Sharing is Caring.......Be Safe^_^

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