Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Blue Screen Problem

Like the name suggest, when this problem occurs in your computer then a blue screen will be shown with some error messages and your computer will restart like the picture shown above. This problem is officially known as Stop Error. The cause of this problem is not the same in all computers. But in most cases this problem happens when your operating system detects a problem with the driver installed in your computer. If the hardware are not configured or attached properly then the blue screen problem may occur. If your system detects a problem in a hardware component then this message is shown to aware you. So basically the blue screen problem is shown either due to a physical hardware component problem or a problem in an installed driver software. This problem itself do not damage your computer but instead this problem prevent further damage to the hardware or data. So the blue screen problem is just there to aware you the fact about a problem detection in your system.

    When any hardware or driver problem is detected in your system then the operating system fails to operate and an error message is programmed to shown that message or that program is known as the blue screen problem or officially known as Stop Error. This problem will not only aware you but also collects the information about the problem in a dump file within the memory of the disk known as crash memory or dump memory. So you can also called this problem as a crash of your system.

That is why you can later on find out the detailed info about the blue screen problem reading the dump file in the crash memory of your disk. Now to read the file you have to use a software called " Blue Screen View". Using this software you can find out in which sector of your hardware component or in which driver the problem is detected. This software will display the problem in a detail manner along with the minidump file and parameters in a table.
To prevent such problem you need to check whether your hardware components are configured properly or not. You need to update your driver regularly and check whether there is a problem in the installed driver or not. A malware program can also affect your driver so you need to scan your computer regularly and update your anti virus or anti malware program regularly. I have already said that the blue screen problem is not a problem itself but a program to make you aware of the fact that a problem is detected in your hardware or driver of your system so if a blue screen problem is displayed in your computer then you need to find out the cause of the problem and fix it. If you do not care then your system and your data will be destroyed so you better take action immediately.

Normally the blue screen problem is shown due to a problem detected in the driver installed in your computer so uninstalling then re installing and later on updating the driver will fix then problem. Restoring or Formatting of your system will also fix the problem. But if the cause is due to a hardware component error then you should contact a computer repair center.

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