Monday, September 24, 2012

"A disk error occurred press ctrl+alt+del to restart" What to do?

While booting your computer if you see this message "A disk error occurred press ctrl+alt+del to restart" then believe me this one will really give you a headache. If you press ctrl+alt+del then you will get the same message again and gain. This problem only occurs if you are using windows operating system.

Well this problem occurs if your BIOS/CMOS could not connect/detect your hard disk while booting. There is no definite way to fix this problem, cause the same thing that worked in one's computer may not work in another's. So here i will try to point out every possible way to fix this problem.

Unplug your computer and open the side cover of your casing. Now remover the data cable and power cable connected to your hard disk. (consult the "Dissembling your computer' article for this) Leave it for about an hour and reconnect the unplugged data cable and the power cable. Try to plug in the data cable in another SATA port on your motherboard if you use SATA hard disk. Restart your PC. Sometime this will fix the problem. Sometime changing the data cable will also fix this problem. So if you have a spare data cable then use it, it might work.

Another way to fix this problem is changing your BIOS settings to its factory defaults. So go to your BIOS setting and change it to defaults. In some cases this will fix the problem.

If it didn't work out then another way to fix this problem is from the manufacturer's diagnostic utility software. You can get this software from the official site of your hard disk. Download it and follow the process mentioned in there. Remember download the utility software only from the official website. Do not download it from any third party or mirror sites, you will most likely lose all your important data. If your manufacturer do not offer this kind of software then do not use any other software.

The last thing you can do is slave your hard disk that shows this error. Now to do this you need to have few information about master/slave hardware. Master is the hard drive that is used to control another hard drive which is known as slave. For IDE hard drives or PATA hard drives, the case is a bit different but first let me talk about SATA drives. For SATA drives, just plug in the data cable and power cable like usual and turn on your computer. Go to BIOS and set the disk order. You might have to check your disk through the windows disk check command.

The IDE drives/PATA drives on the other hand need some configuration to do before proceeding the master/slave combination. There is a jumper in an IDE drive that determines whether the drive is used as master or slave. You need to to the jumper setting as slave of your error hard drive and a working hard drive as master setting. I will dedicate another article for master/slave and will go in more detail there. So look forward to it.

You can also Ghost your hard disk using Norton Ghost when master/slave combination is done. This will recover your drive is the windows disk recovery could not fix the problem. Because often times, when you master/slave these types of hard disk, they might not be accessible.

Well that's it for today. If you have any question or any confusions anywhere then you know it, i am always here to help you 24/7. ^_^

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