Friday, September 14, 2012

How to Maintain Your Mobile Phone?

Almost everybody have a mobile phone these days. Some may have very expensive sets and some may have an average one. Whether it is expensive or not, you must have an idea to maintain your phone; well unless you are a billionaire and you change your phone every day lol.

Well here are some tips to help you maintain your mobile phone.

First know as much as you can about your mobile phone. Like what is its model number, its specifications and the software used in it. Try to visit the official site of your mobile phone brand to get these information. Why is this important? well the answer is simple, the more you know about the phone, the more you know what it is capable of.

If your mobile phone supports an antivirus software. Then i recommend you install one. There are lots of premium mobile antivirus software out there. If you can afford then go for Bull Guard Mobile Security or Trend Micro Mobile Security or Look Out Premium. Kaspersky also offers mobile security software but they are known to drastically decrease your mobile performance.

However I personally use NetQin Antivirus in my mobile phone. Yeah it is a free version :p. But it is really good antivirus software for mobile phones. Even though it is a free version, there are no expiration date like other mobile antivirus software so i recommend you try this. It is available for Symbian, Windows, Blackberry as well as android mobile phones.

Now to download the NetQin Antivirus program, I recommend using your mobile phone rather than a computer because they will send you the program that supports your phone perfectly.

Open the browser in your mobile phone. Now go to this address  " " for nokia phones and " " for other phones. There search for netqin mobile security and download it. Install the software. Since it is a free version you will have to do some configuration manually like turning on the network firewall feature and anti lost feature. Make sure that you update the antivirus software and scan your phone regularly. Remember you must install this software in your phone memory not in your SD card.

An additional software like Netqin Mobile Guard can be install in your phone. Personally i am using this one as well. To download it follow the same instruction as above and search for Netqin Mobile Guard. It is completely free software and has many cool features. You can scan your phone for junk files and history files and erase them. This will increase your mobile performance. Additionally there is contact back up feature to secure your contacts. Boot manager feature will disable the unwanted software loading while booting. Furthermore you can browse the files, control internet and application. You can also add unwanted calls to black list and they won't be able to call you ever again until you remove them from black list. So i recommend you install this one as well. Remember you must install this software in your phone memory not in your SD card.

Remember the more you install application, the more you get slow performance from the phone. So only install the software you need. Always download the software from safe and official pages like Nokia have Nokia store and android phones have their own and so does the windows and blackberry phones. Check whether the software is digitally signed and that it is free from malwares. Netqin will scan the installation file before installing so if it shows any types of warning do not install install the software.

Try installing new themes so that your phone looks cool and get new appearance. Make sure to install only the themes that is supported. And again download the themes from trusted sites only.

Check for software updates for your mobile phones. If an update is available update your phone. This will increase the performance as well as add new features. For this visit the official site of your mobile phone.

Never use liquid to clean your phone instead use a damp soft cotton cloth. While cleaning a touchscreen never use too much pressure and make sure not to clean in zigzag position.

Always use genuine accessories and hardware. When changing the housing of your phone make sure that the housing is genuine; the case is same with charger and headphones.

Get a screen sticker to protect your screen from scratches. But remember the sticker should not have too much glue or else it will leave ugly markings when it is removed or peeled out. It is also a good idea to carry your phone in a casing or carrier especially designed for you phone model.

It is not a good idea to overcharge your phone. If it says your battery is full then unplug the charger. Most of us just leave our phones which is not good for battery as well as the charger.

When formatting the memory card, it is better to format it from your phone than from computer. Because the phone will format and replace the system files and folders it needs but if you format it from computer then it will delete all the files and folders.

Make sure that your Bluetooth is off and is not visible to everybody if you are using a Bluetooth headset or other accessories. Do not accept unknown Bluetooth devices.

It is not good to browse internet if you find someone's WIFI that is unlocked. They can view your browsing  information and may hack your account.

Do not charge your mobile phone from other's charger and do not give your charger to others. Sometimes it can affect your batter and your charger.

Never try to disassemble your phone by yourself unless you know perfectly what you are doing.

When repairing your phone, try not to leave the phone to the mobile repair shop. Some frauds may replace your original hardware inside. So i recommend you stay there until your mobile is fixed. Yeah make sure that they fix it in front of you.

Well that's it guys. I hope these tricks will help you. And if you have any questions or confusions then you know it, I am always here to help you ^_^



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