Friday, November 29, 2013

How to download Torrent using Nokia? / Downloading Torrent on Nokia Phone / Bit-torrent Client for Nokia

I am really sorry guys for not posting regularly like I used to, I have been very busy lately. And it seems like this will be the last post for this blog :(

Today I will be sharing a very useful trick with the Nokia owners out there. Yeah Android has already taken over the market but again there might be some people out there still using their Nokia phones. So let's continue.

Ever wonder about downloading torrent using your Nokia phone? Android phones supports utorrent and several other bittorrent clients but for Nokia there is just one software and it's called "SymTorrent". With this software you can download torrent just like you download in your computer. The software works on a range of nokia phones like the N series and the E series. And the good thing is it's completely free :)
Below here is the link to the official page of the software:

Just download the latest version of the software and install it to your phone and open the torrent files using SymTorrent, it will start downloading right away ;)

During the installation some of you might face few issues so below here are some guidelines to help you overcome the problems.

Make sure that you have allowed to install any software on your phone and that the online certificate check is off. These settings are available on your application manager settings. So first of all, change those settings.

Feature not supported : This means that your phone does not support the application but don't worry there is a solution. Just download and install the older version, it will work for sure. What I mean is that if you have downloaded the SymTorrent 1.51 version and after installation it gives you the "Feature not supported" message then just download and install the 1.50 version.

Certificate Error : Just change the date on your phone. Say it's 2013, change it to 2012 or 2011 and install the application, you won't get such messages and after installation change the date back to normal.

Sometime your mobile security can detect the app as untrusted, just ignore the message and continue using the app. It is completely safe and secure.

That's it, guys! Probably my last post in this blog. Thanks for everything ^_^

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