Friday, May 25, 2012

Every drive infected with virus and Antivirus program shows error messages!!!

This problem happens rarely with your personnel computer but might happen frequently if you own a Cyber Cafe.  Also if you are not aware of the malware programs and do not have a good knowledge on controlling those malware programs then this rare problem might be a frequent issue. This problem will really get in your nerve because neither formatting nor scanning works. It is because first of all the virus will affect your system files so new programs can not be installed and the installed programs starts to show error messages and may not respond later.

That means you won't be able to install a new antivirus program or other new malware recovery programs.So scanning your computer will not work. Even if you format your computer that will not help because formatting only occurs in the c: drive of your hard disk, so when you start your computer after the completion of the formatting process, the viruses in the other drives will transfer to the c: drive and the result will be the same as before. It is because your system files will try to obtain information about the drives files and folders, so during this process the viruses are programmed to affect those system files and as a result your computer becomes the same as before.

     Now before explaining how to solve this problem, let me explain how you can prevent this whole issue because prevention is better then cure ^_^   What you need to keep in mind is that your computer is never safe by itself. As i already said in previous article, your computer is your friend, you need to understand it like how you try to understand a friend's feelings, the more you understand your computer the greater and better results you will get from it.

First of above all, you need to know what is your computer configuration, I mean it's RAM, processor, graphic card etc.  For that go to Run in the start menu then type   "dxdiag" without the inverted comma. It will display your full hardware configuration, memorize it.

As i said that your computer is not safe by itself, that means it is not safe even if you install a good antivirus program. Because you need to deep scan your computer regularly, if your antivirus program finds a virus then try to know all the information about that virus, this will help you to know it's source and you can prevent it in future.

Check that your antivirus program is updated regularly or not. And remember to install the software that your computer's configuration allows. Also never install unnecessary and unidentified software in your computer.

Always scan a pen drive or other external devices properly before you open them and yeah never allow Auto Run in your operating system because it will open the devices before you can scan them, so you better not enable the Auto Run feature. You can also install a USB security software to increase your computer security because this software will prevent the malware issues from the USB devices.

   Now come to the main topic, for solving this problem you need a different software known as a Rescue Software. Do not worry this software is completely free, you just need to download a copy of this software then burn the downloaded image file of the software in a CD. I recommend you use the Kaspersky Rescue Disk software, for that go this link:
Kaspersky Rescue Disk

Then click the top "Download kaspersky Rescue Disk 10" option, you will be directed to another page, there click "Kaspersky Rescue Disk 10" in the third paragraph, your download will begin to start.
After the download is complete, open your disk burning software, i use Nero to burn, There go the Nero express and to the "Image,Copy" option, click it and then open the downloaded file when asked to open a file, load a blank CD then start the burning process but REMEMBER you should burn the file in low speed say 4x or 8x so do check the option for writing speed in the software. If you use another software then try to find the image file option there and start the process. The process is same in most of the software.

  Now that you have burned the file into a CD, follow these process:

1. Load the CD into the infected computer and power on your computer

2.In most cases the BIOS will auto detect the software and will ask to confirm the Rescue process. After confirmation, a different window will display showing different option. Read those options and start the Rescue process. It might take some time as this software will scan all the drives for viruses and will try to fix the infected files. If your system can not detect the software then go to the Boot option and click CD/DVD option, basically the first process is same like formatting your computer. For more info about the first process read the article about "formatting a computer".

3.When the completion message is shown, start your computer and see the results. Now format the computer if needed.After formatting your computer deep scan your computer with an antivirus program, there will be no viruses left so your antivirus program may not show any malware alert messages.

   Remember to download a latest version of the software. If you go by the process mentioned above, you will get the latest version of the software. If updated, the same update file you will get if followed the same process, so you do not need to search for anything for updated version. In about 6 months interval the software is updated. So your burned software is recommended to be used for about 6 months only, after about 6 months download another file using the same process and burn it again.

  This is it, if you got any problems or any confusions then feel free to ask me. I am always here to help you 247   ^_^


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